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公司創辦人之一化骨龍媽媽Ice Lam親身經歷了移居馬來西亞時所面對的困難和壓力,當中包括尋找有關學校,醫療,治安,居住環境,消防保障,國家文化背景差異等資訊,以及從新建立和投入一個新的社交圈子等等問題上;發現並了解在移居過程中,能有一位可信賴的同行者的重要性。


Facebook專頁"四隻化骨龍s" 亦因此而建立,為一班移居者提供免費馬來西亞,投資,移民,升學資詢服務,把自己的經歷及所得的資訊分享,期望能幫助移居者減輕移居過程中帶來的困難和壓力。

Ice Lam, one of the founders of the company, experienced the difficulties and pressures she faced when immigrating to Malaysia, including finding information about schools, medical care, public security, living environment, fire protection, national cultural background differences, and renewed Establish and invest in a new social circle and other issues; discover and understand the importance of having a trusted companion during the migration process. 


Therefore, the initial Facebook page "Bonedragonssss" was created to provide free Malaysia, investment, immigration, and education consultation services for a group of immigrants, sharing their own experiences and information, hoping to help immigrants to ease their immigration Difficulties and pressures in the process.



Based on honesty, establish a relationship of mutual benefit and mutual trust with customers. Provide customers with sincere Malaysia education and immigration consulting services.


所 以 無 論 何 事 、 你 們 願 意 人 怎 樣 待 你 們 、 你 們 也 要 怎 樣 待 人。 

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them. 

馬 太 福 音 Matthew 7:12 



​To become a service-oriented company, continue to provide customers with free Malaysia education counseling and immigration counseling services. we will invite different partners, such as pastors, social workers, education consultants, etc., to provide more support services for a group of new immigrants. We also hope that after the company can achieve a balance between revenue and expenditure, part of the proceeds will be donated so that the funds can be used to care for and serve the disadvantaged groups.




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